Sound—Image—Text—Motion. An Overview of Audiovisual Explorations.

[...] vision and hearing are the most involved modalities in multimedia communication. John Cage wrote about vision and hearing as the “public senses."

Type On Wheels: Brief Comments on Motion Design Pedagogy

Most design educators agree that the subject of motion should be taught. The real question is how to integrate the language of motion into the wider eco-system of design education...

Type on Wheels. Two Voices on Teaching the Language of Motion.

The phrase Type on Wheels has a somehow sarcastic, and perhaps even derogatory, connotation. The term is often applied to the work of programs that teach kinetic typography as a means to an end...

Design Research Is Design Practice: Mapping Design Intelligence.

The title of this essay describes precisely its core concept: Design research is design practice, and vice versa. When designers design, they research.

Współcześni kartografowie

Niezależnie od nośnika, mapa jest narzędziem, które pomaga nam dostrzegać logiczne powiązania między elementami, przedstawić ich właściwości i hierarchię między nimi.

Siła projektowania powściągliwego. Plakaty spółki autorskiej Balicki & Łabęcki, 1967–1975.

Projektowanie plakatów wystawowych, lub bardziej precyzyjnie – plakatów do indywidualnych wystaw artystów plastyków – jest wyzwaniem dla projektantów.

Mapping the Experience of Dynamic Media

This text was originally published as a principal essay in The Experience of Dynamic Media. Works from the Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College pf Art and Design 2006–2010, edited by Jan Kubasiewicz.

metaGeometry / metaGeometria

The text published in the bilingual catalog of Jan Kubasiewicz' solo exhibition entitled "metaGeometry—visual research" at the Patio gallery of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódż, Poland.

Rozmowa z Wallym Gilbertem

Polska wersja rozmowy z Wallym Gilbertem ukazała się w katalogu Wally Gilbert. Projekt Norblin opublikowanym jako numer specjalny No.05/06 Vol. 19 dwumiesięcznika Tutuł Roboczy.

Motion Literacy

[...] since designers are becoming more concerned with injecting motion into their work, motion literacy — the act of trying to understand how motion can be used to communicate more effectively — is essential.

A Conversation with Wally Gilbert

"A Conversation with Wally Gilbert" was originally published in the catalog Wally Gilbert: An Exhibition of Photography curated by Jan Kubasiewicz at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.

Motion Literacy: An Approach to Design.

Is everything in Motion? [...] As Motion and Communication Design seem to getting closer, designers are becoming more aware about Motion literacy.

The Art of the Poster. Interview with Makoto Saito.

The interview by Jan Kubasiewicz and Elizabeth Resnick was originally published in the catalog of Makoto Saito's retrospective exhibition at Massachusetts Collage of Art and Design in Boston.

Makoto Saito: “I don’t trust words. You can say anything with words. I prefer a visual means of communication because it allows the message to be more direct.”

This version of Interview with Makoto Saito was published in Eye magazine No.35 Vol.9, Spring 2000.

An Extraordinary Venture

The Gaberbocchus Press, though it is little remembered today even in bookish circles, was an extraordinary publishing venture. Founded in 1948 in London by Stefan and Franciszka Themerson, it produced during the next 31 years over 60 titles.

The Themersons and the Gabberbocchus Press — an Experiment in Publishing 1948–1979.

Gaberbocchus is the Latin equivalent of Jabberwocky — a species of dragon and hero of one of the ballads by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking-Glass.